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Effects of the programme

Since 1991, approximately 3000 children were examined and treated with the programme in Hungary. A pilot study was carried out to understand the correlation between motor dysfunction and language disorders.

60 children were selected aged between 5 and 13 years. Gender ratio was 2/3 boys and 1/3 girls, more boys are affected than girls. All children evaluated for the programme were found to demonstrate dysfunctions in the studied areas and all were accepted for the programme. The children received the programme for 4-6 hours a week.

We must consider the problem of working with the numerical data of a purely motor approach to a child’s learning problem. The child’s psychological or emotional state is important. Where there is a harmonious family with unity the results of the programme are better. For example where a child’s parents got divorced during the time of treatment offered, the child performed worse than at the first examination.

Scope of the programme

How does the programme work?

A model of Sensory Learning

Effects of the programme

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