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How Does the programme work?

The effects are seen in the changes in the function of the nervous system:

Areas in the nervous system that have already been injured or are immature may be influenced. The formation of the dendrite system and the development of a synaptic network are hypothesized to be stimulated by the programme.

The formation of new synaptic network

The chance for new synaptic connections to be made are stimulated by the exercises. Where injury in the brain occurs, new sprouts would start growing from the damaged fibres and reach toward empty terminals of healthy neurons and dendrite systems. The take over of a function happens through the restructuring of the neuron network. Part of this rearrangement in the cortex is really fast when the already established, present but not connected systems get involved. We see this as a jump start in the child’s development, in the first 6 weeks, following commencement of the exercises.

Neurons forward stimuli

In the second phase, the process may be slow, one to two years, or longer if the disability is severe. The functions in the brain are filtered, strengthened and stabilized by the repetition of the exercises.

These movements also stimulate the brainstem with the enrichment and restructuring of the synaptic network and the start of neural circuits and systems.

Scope of the programme

How does the programme work?

A model of Sensory Learning

Effects of the programme

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